How to add Radians Bridgechain to Ark Desktop Wallet

The following instructions can be used to add Radians chain to the standard Ark desktop wallet. The instructions were tested on Windows 10 and version 2.9.1 of the wallet.

  1. Download and install desktop wallet from one of the following locations.
  2. Run ARK Desktop Wallet
  3. Go to Network(the cloud icon on the bottom left)->Manage networks
  4. Add a new network and fill in the following info:
  5. Press Fetch
    • The network should be found.
    • Press Save and you should get message saying "validating network"
  6. Go to Profile(bottom icon on the left) -> Add profile
  7. Fill in Profile Name (whatever you want to call it)
    • Press next
  8. Select Radians custom network and press next
  9. Select appearance options and then press done

Note: I find that it does not automatically find the peer.
How to connect to custom peer:

  1. Network->Connect custom peer and fill in these details
  2. Press Connect

You should now be able to create or import a Radians wallet.