Real-time transaction confirmation demo

This is an example implementation of the transaction.confirmed event using the socket event forwarder plugin created by friendsoflittleyus. This plugin is currently installed on Radians and is configured to fire the transaction.confirmed event at the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th confirmation of a transaction. Developers can configure the amount of confirmations themselves according to their own usecase. In this example a customer(you) deposits tokens to an exchange. The exchange will add your funds to your exchange wallet after 5 network confirmations.

You may trigger this order process yourself by sending 1 RADtoshi(0.00000001) to the following address: TY1t98ThWZyUtcC76RL3nS3wRVRrwQNM4h
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ARK desktop wallet Radians seed:

This is the public key of the address that you’re sending the deposit from, your key is used to identity your transaction. You can find your key in the ARK desktop wallet by clicking the key icon.
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